Final Design

In its final design, Serious Business is currently on display at the Parsons MFA Design and Technology Exhibition. Users are met with a 2’x 2′ box that contains the text “Face Place… Become Meme” As users place their face they are met with a view of themselves as an internet meme. While engaging there is a feed of their reaction on display next to the box. At the same time too their image is being captured to later be uploaded to The Internet: It’s Serious Business. This project as a whole is meant to be looked at as a comment to the often times pervasive nature of the internet and our idea of percieved privacy in the digital space. Users have referred to this project as “frightening”, “fun”, and “brilliant.”

The Internet: It’s Serious Business demonstrates the absurdity of our desire to be known to all and our desire to have a status of celebrity in some fashion. Blending the line between the physical and the digital, the real and the surreal, all participants inadvertently become part of a culture they may or may not understand or desire to be apart of through the memeification of their image.

In the summer of 2012, Serious Business will become modified to become mobile and be on display through various location around New York City to raise awareness and reflection on the publics notion of having privacy in both the physical world and the digital space.

For a copy of the Thesis Document please click here.